Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swedish toilets - why they rule!

I think the following story sums up why Swedish toilets are superior to American ones (and why my Swedish husband insists we get 3 of them for our home). It's a hilarious, yet honest take on poorly designed American toilets. By the way, if you're easily sickened, don't read :-).

Anonymous post on a message board (only corrected spelling):
"I have apparently used low-flow toilets here in Sweden all my life. I
have no problem with them. They have the water level lower so that the
flushing water gets higher speed when falling down.

So then I went to the US for a trip and found that not only do you pull
carpets into the bathroom and around the toilet (EWW!), the toilets
themselves are totally stupid! They hold a gallon of water in a bowl so
close to your ass that you have to hold your penis while taking a shit
so that it won't hang down into the water! Then when you flush, the
toilet pours another two gallons of water slowly into the bowl so that
you get to watch your turds carousel around and around for half a minute
before exiting the drainpipe. That is just plain silly!

Our low-flow/high-speed toilets go SLURP! and all the crap is gone and the
porcelain is washed clean from the aggressive burst of water in five
seconds. And we use less water too."

We found these Swedish toilets here in the U.S.:

Mainly, they are superior because they have a much larger pipe and use very little water. My husband says that they NEVER need to be plunged. In fact, he has never even used a plunger before in Sweden! Not only that, it's eco-friendly because you're saving that precious resource and getting much better performance as well. I'm sold.

Anyway, we are definitely going to buy these, they're worth their money.


Myleen and Jan said...

These don't come cheap, we found out it it costs between $1300-1400 per toilet with shipping. We have to order them from California, but my hubby says that they are worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Makes my budget for Toto Ultramaxs look pretty affordable.


Myleen and Jan said...

Actually, we just got a more accurate bid. They can be between $400-900 per toilet not including shipping. The one we like, the Ifö Sign Toilet, costs approximately $600. I know! They're not cheap, but then again, we do have a couple of IKEA bathroom sets and kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Ah the waiting game. We are actually awaiting that our Leed Gold certified home gets built in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. It looks also like we have somewhat similar taste when it comes to our green homes. Here is what ours is supposed to look like.


Carl said...

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