Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silence & A New Solar School in Austin

Silence is not golden in our case. Sorry it's been too long since the last post! Let me tell you, it's been one LONG ride to the financing finish line, but it will come, I promise. We are working on getting it, it's just taking much longer because of the current economic climate. I'm confident we'll get the money soon. Pray or meditate for us that it will happen sooner rather than later!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about this Solar Design Workshop class we found at this non-profit company that wants to promote solar solutions and new technologies by way of education. This organization is newly formed in Austin and offering an off-grid course including lunch for $40 this Saturday! We are definitely going to go. Here's the link to learn more:

This is a part theory/part hands-on course that will allow us to design, build, and install a photovoltaic(PV) system. We will have an exciting opportunity to build a 500+ watt off-grid trailer complete with solar panels, wind generator, inverter, charge controller, and battery bank. This would be a valuable lesson for us, because we need to save money on our expensive dream green home. Every dollar will help, because PV systems are definitely not cheap.

I will report what we've learned. Also, I'm thinking of starting a green e-book series that will address various topics and will be available SOON!


Anonymous said...

Some of us are curious to hear what you learned at the solar class. I've followed your blog for a while now and I'm hoping to one day be able to build my own green "Dream Home." Unfortunately right now I'm working for Uncle Sam, and he likes to move my family and I around pretty regularly.

How was the solar class?

Jan & Myleen said...

Hi Yoseph! This is a late answer to your question, hope you will see it. Anyway, the class was really just a taster, and shorter than I wanted it to be, but the people were helpful and nice. It seems that anyone can really learn how to do-it-yourself regarding solar panels, and for a lot cheaper if you buy the used panels through e-bay or other trading sites. Solar installers charge an arm and a leg, but I think the goal is to get more of them educated to help eleviate this problem. There are a lot of young "apprentice" type guys there, who would probably do it cheaper if you need extra help. I think they still need time to develop their courses, but they are on the right track, because the classes are very affordable and they provide lunch and cook some of their food on solar ovens! It's a hippy kind of place, so make sure you go with your raggiest clothes.

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