Monday, May 7, 2007

Deciding to be an Owner Builder?

Our dream house is just within reach, but to make it a reality, we must consider being our own owner/builder.

After searching for months, it's as hard to find a good man as it is to find a perfect "builder". Either we felt they didn't understand our aesthetic, or they just didn't sound as enthusiastic as we'd hope. Not only that, but they are SLOW as maple syrup to get bids to you. And I am still faster than any of them, trying to get bids on my own!

Anyway, the OBN (Owner Builder Network) guy has been very good with answering our questions, and they basically guarantee that they will provide the following:
1) The design/build stages in a hard copy manual, step-by-step, from scratch to finish including who to call, when to call, and when to inspect.
2) A resource list of tried and referenced subcontractors used by other OBN people and have been put through the interview test.
3) Support and guidance from the OBN representative and other OB people through their forums and blogs.
4) The BIG ONE-They will guarantee your construction loan!

All this so you can save around 15% off your total construction costs! (like $50,000 in our case) because why pay a builder that which I am already doing?

More info can be found here:

It all sounds very promising, so I will update you when we have decided what to do.

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Scott Stephens said...

I am interested in being my own General Contractor too and would like to speak with you about your experience. Would you be so kind as to email me at with any insight or advice you wish to share?