Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sweating for this View

We (or more like Jan and Sami) started clearing out our lot. And we discovered this beautiful oak nestled between water-sucking cedar plants:

Here in Austin's Hill Country, live oak trees are prized if you have really large ones on your lot. They give a very bonsai-ish/African Serengeti look to your landscape. But beware that cedars (the ones that look like large bushes) try to surround oaks and hog up the water, so it's best to clear them away from the oaks so you can enjoy the beauty of them.

Here's another look at this stunning oak tree from our future breakfast nook:

The other day, we had to get the septic guy to start designing our septic and get our application in and approved before they can even start to build! Yeah, it's the first thing on our list of what to do.

And now, we have to decide who it shall be for the owner builder network, OBCH or OBN?

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