Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Fabulous (Window) Shopping Weekend & My Favorite Part of Houseowning... FURNITURE!!!!

This weekend was really my weekend, as I love to window shop and Jan was even willing to look around for furniture. Jan is working on a model of our house and we are needing to check to see that all the furniture we desire fits in the rooms. It's so much fun! I'm totally in my element right now.... too bad that I have extremely expensive taste in furniture. :-) I can't help but love my Danish, Italian and French design.

We discovered this fabulous store called Motif in (of all places) hickville Kyle, TX which is 15 miles south of Austin. It really has awesome, affordable and modern furniture that definitely fits our style. They even deliver all over the U.S.!

It's difficult to find modern furniture that doesn't look like that cheezy, Nagelesque 80's zany modern look that is so distasteful (nice modern stuff is NOT black lacquer with gold trim, sofas shaped like lips, frosted glass with aluminum legs, etc.). This stuff looks like high quality stuff, but at half or more of the price! Here are a few pics of some of my favorite pieces that I want to get:

Love this oh so chic bed, and looks very zen-like to me, and not bad at $999 for a King...
This sweet little sofa is on sale for $599!!!

Also, I totally dig this square dining table where you can converse with everyone at the table ($999):

.... And debating whether to get this sofa at $1799???
or this Italian beauty at $7200 at the Nest store (which I absolutely love love love, but need to choose between it and another car :-) hehe.... YES! ;-)

I am totally into that firm and very tight fabric over chunky, cubic sofas, as well as oak colored woods at the moment. I just enjoy the clean lines and minimalist design that go with our lifestyle and attitudes of life. And while I would love to buy all eco-friendly furniture to go with our green home, at the moment it is still very much out of our price range, unfortunately. For example, sofas made of organic cotton and formaldehyde-free binding is still in the $4000 and up category. We saw some really nice ones that you can order online at Vivavi. Maybe we'll build up our eco-friendly furniture slowly....

Take a look at this beautiful side buffet made of this interesting sustainable wood called Kirei. The kirei doors are made from the reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant and made using a formaldehyde-free adhesive. People are also using it as wall or accent wall treatments. It's gorgeous and has a much more interesting pattern than bamboo....

And even rugs made with Finnish paper! It's very tough, stain resilient and eco-friendly, and I may even sell it some day on my online Scandinavian store, Check out Woodnotes:

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Anonymous said...

I think the color of the green sofa would be hard to work with. The red sofa seems bold and fun. I like the Italian sofa, and the colors are neutral and easy to work with; however, I just don’t see it as worth that kind of money.

I particularly like the bed. If you read or watch video in bed, be sure the headboard hits you comfortably when you sit up in bed.