Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nifty Cost-to-Build Calculator for 30 Bucks

Yeah, so I still am trying to stay current even though our project is on hold. I came across this really neat cost-to-build calculator for $29.95 that may be very useful to you guys. Here's the link:

It seems easy to use, and great for when you're in planning mode if you know some details of your house. It seems you can buy a stock plan and input your criteria in there and it will do an approximate cost to build of the house.

If you try this out, please comment on here to see if it's worth anyone's while. I have yet to play around with it, since I have done my own spreadsheet, but might like to see what number it generates since mine was pretty high.


Copeland said...

Good to see you back on the blog-o-sphere! : )

: )


Copeland said...

Ergh, sorry- just trying to say hi- double posted for some reason and I hate it when it says "post removed by author" - sorry folks, nothing interesting, just a double post. (Maybe you E-J can delete this and "post removed" comment as moderator?)

Welcome back! : )

Jan & Myleen said...

Hi Copeland, thanks for coming by! How is your business going? You have such a great idea. We TRIED to keep things affordable, but it didn't turn out that way. When we try again in a year or two, we hope things will be different. Anyway, keep in touch with your own projects!

cdgnfg said...
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Anonymous said...

A fairly decent free cost estimator can be found at www.building-cost.net

Bob in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

The Zero Energy Homes thread includes reduced cost design links:

Make sure your home is truly healthy (air quality; electromagnetically correct; etc.) not just "green."

Angela said...

building-cost.net is not very accurate, it gave me an estimate triple of what I was getting from GCs!

Angela in Fort Worth
(from ownerbuilderbook website)

Anonymous said...

The cost calculator worked well for me to be honest. My biggest savings have been from illuminating my house with LED Strips and commercial grade led lights from a UK company called avr. I'm a big fan of efficiency to be honest! Just got some solar panels to.

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